Copyright (Read This Before Using This Site)

Copyright on all content, and I mean EVERY SINGLE WORD, on this website is owned by Jake Marcus, J.D. with the sole exception of the text of the individual laws.  You are strongly encouraged to link to this website. However, any use, for any purpose, of any original content, is a violation of state and federal copyright law and the copyright of Jake Marcus, J.D..

If you reproduce any content from this website (other than the text of the laws themselves) for any reason and in any context – web, print, hand-out, educational, PowerPoint – I will find you and I will sue you.

Not kidding. I never joke about copyright.

46 Responses to “Copyright (Read This Before Using This Site)”

  1. Shannon Cila says:

    Hi, Jake,
    Wow! I’ve been cutting & pasting ppl’s stuff all the time. I always give credit, and I thought that was enough, but I admit, I have little knowledge of bf laws. I hope I have not broken any copyright laws from any of your previous articles. I know I’ve visited the links. I will be sure to delete anything if i find it. I hope you don’t sue me because we are broke! Thanks for making this cool informative site, though!
    Shannon Cila

    • admin says:

      Yeah, unless you are quoting a sentence or two (with attribution, preferably with link), it is best to link to the site so the author gets both credit and traffic.

  2. Shannon Cila says:

    I meant little knowledge of copyright laws, not bf laWS, THOUGH BOTH ARE TRUE!

  3. chelsea says:

    so your saying i can quote you in ” “‘s as long as i post a link as well?

  4. You know *I* love putting the law into plain language! This site and this copyright notice both do it. Thanks Jake.

  5. Jake,
    Thank you for providing this great breastfeeding resource!

  6. Thanks Jake! This is wonderful!

  7. While I appreciate the fyi on copyright… the “fair use doctrine” should not be forgotten and perhaps revisited.

    • admin says:

      However, “fair use” should not be misunderstood to overcome express prohibition and the SCOTUS standard of “heart of the matter.” Each definitive interpretive statement by me is “the heart of the matter” on that particular law and hence using my statements is a copyright violation not covered by “fair use.”

      And let me add another corollary; let us call it the “Marcus Corollary.” It states as follows: “I don’t get paid, I get pissed.” The corollary should be taken to mean that since this is a pro bono project, if my wishes are ignored regarding its use, I will simply take the site down.

  8. Fair use is a *defense* to the improper use of copyrighted material. It is one way you can get yourself *out* of trouble. It does not confer carte-blanche permission to use material, esp. when this particular creator/author has made it abundantly clear that her stuff is not to be used without asking first.

  9. Mike Bradley says:

    Here’s what I think is an excellent explanation of fair use. The writer restates the rules in a way that makes them pretty easy to follow. It’s on the Nolo Press web site.

    • Renee Palting says:

      Thanks Mike. I’m a big fan of Nolo. I’m not a lawyer, just a technical writer/editor. Copyrights are a huge issue that I encounter on a regular basis; and, Nolo does a great job explaining foundational rules. Thank goodness there are sites like this one that do a great job making it simple for everyone to understand, especially these days when everyone can be a self published writer.

      • admin says:

        Nolo is very helpful to non-lawyers. However, again, “fair use” can not override explicit prohibition by the author.

  10. Jake, you rock. I will be linking to this and sending folks to it often.

  11. Megan McGrath says:

    So printing the state law is ok? I would like to know because if it is I would like to keep a copy in my diaper bag.

  12. Julie says:

    Can I use the following information for a research study? Im not quoting any words from the website. I called and left a telephone message at law firm.

    States with Public Breastfeeding Law Enforcement Provisions:
    Connecticut, Washington D.C., Hawaii Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington. Puerto Rico

    States with Workplace Pumping Law Enforcement Provisions:
    California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Oregon Vermont, Puerto Rico

  13. Aleisha says:

    I can copy and paste just the law to my blog right? I also plan on listing this website address if that’s okay. I am trying to make people aware of their laws and I want them to know they can come here to find it. Is that okay?

  14. Not Interested says:

    Your a Dick, just to be perfectly clear and no I’m not kidding either. What kind of pretentious prick copies laws word from word from state websites, reprints them on his own site, adds couple of paragraphs and then voila, claims copyright? Oh, yeah, you did. What a complete pompous ass. Just to be clear, I’m creating a breastfeeding site with laws because of your “copyright” page, so suck it.

    • admin says:

      My absolute favorite comment ever!

      Okay, moron, now actually READ the copyright page.

      FYI, only cowards post anonymously. And, while I *am* a dick, I don’t possess one.

  15. Michaela says:

    Hi Jake – this site is absolutely wonderful. I don’t know how often laws change, but since there is SO much info out on the internet that is out dated, it would be great if each states’ law pages could show the last time the page was updated. I’m also writing a paper on challenges working bf’ing mom’s face so this is a wonderful resource which I will cite properly!! Thanks. (I have also enjoyed your articles on

    • admin says:

      Hi Michaela-

      The website is always up to date. It is an obsession. Someday they will find me a medication. 😉

  16. Amber O. says:

    First: Thank you for all of the information! It’s nice to see a website with everything in one place and extremely organized.

    Second: I’m writing a research paper, and was wondering if I can (without being sued!) cite information from this website, and of course, give you credit (since, afterall, you’re the one that did the research) in APA format, and also on my reference page.

  17. Brooke says:

    Hi Jake. I live in Missouri and am drafting an email to the committe members looking at changing our current breastfeeding law. I was also going to send out some fb status updates to local breastfeeding & political groups to encourage them to contact the committee and ask to see an enforcement provision added. At first, I was thinking of just linking to you but then thought of sharing a little more about why this is important. How would this work? Just a couple sentences along with your site? Thanks for all your work!

  18. Brooke says:

    Terrific! I would love the input as this is my first time doing something like this. Thanks so much!

  19. Ciara says:

    I’m a bit confused as to why people a) can’t comprehend what they read and b) would have a problem linking anyone back to this site! Rather than having to Google for individual information on each state, someone not only took the time to compile it neatly on one site, but updates it on a regular basis! And they’ll probably be more likely to KEEP updating it if people are constantly checking out this site. Show some gratitude and give credit where it is due.

  20. Megan Dunn says:

    Hi, so confused. I thought Pennsylvania had breastfeeding laws? says so. I am a full time worker who pumps to nurse her infant and am frustrated with not knowing rights.

  21. Davina Lock says:

    I am asking permission to use information on this site and reference and cite using APA (6th ed) format for an opinion paper in my graduate level “The Woman Manger” class (Webster University). I fully understand and will give you 100% credit for any information on this site. Thanks for your work. The women in my organization (federal/defense) are being denied the right to a private Lactation Room. The paper will ONLY be read by my professor in hard copy and not published.

    • admin says:

      Permission granted. :) Thank you for respecting me copyright and I hope this research is useful to you.

  22. Carina says:


    I’m an idiot I pasted info from your website before reading the copyright info and passed it on to a friend. I later gave the link to the info. Please don’t sue me!

    A very tired mom

  23. Heather says:


    I too am doing a paper for my English 111 course for college. Mine is an argument paper that even though BF is legal, public opinion (i.e. hateful comments/looks) do have an impact on BF success. I want to use your explanation of enforcement provisions and the fact that my state (NC) doesn’t have one in conjunction with the quoted law. I plan on summarizing this and using a signal phrase to introduce and MLA in text citation rules. Also, this article will be listed on my works cited page in MLA format. I am taking the course online but I believe that other than those in my class (about 12) and my instructor, no one can access it. Is this ok? I also plan on using other articles from LLLI and they will be separate sources, giving each author credit?

    • admin says:

      Citation format should follow MLA rules. Otherwise I am unclear what you are asking.

      • Heather says:

        I am asking permission to cite you and the page on enforcement provisions in my paper using MLA citing.

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