Think You Know What Your Breastfeeding Rights Are?

Well, you probably don’t. Wonder why little or nothing happens after women are told “you can’t do that here?” when they try to feed their children in restaurants? How is it possible that women lose their jobs when they try to take breaks to pump breast milk?

Now you can have not only the text of your law at your fingertips but an explanation of how your law works…or doesn’t. Be better prepared for the (still unlikely) event you are harassed in public. Know whether your state legislature needs to pass a better law. And be a part of the change you want to see in the world (yes, I stole that from Gandhi).

On each state page, please feel free to share your experience nursing or pumping in that state, good or bad. Not only will each page have the most current legal information on breastfeeding in that state, but the experiences of mothers who live under those laws.

Please read the copyright page before using this website. Seriously. Read it.

And share this resource. Telling moms they have a right when they don’t sets them up for humiliation and trauma. Holding a nurse-in, then going home and forgetting about it doesn’t spare the next mom. If a state has an enforceable law, know how the enforcement works. And if you want to fight for a country in which women are free to breastfeed and pump without harassment or fear of losing their jobs, then let’s do it together.

If you find any errors or updates in these pages, please leave a comment on the appropriate page. However, if you ask a question or post a comment that shows you have not read the articles first, I won’t respond. Yo, man, I have a life too.

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