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GoodsOrBads is the place where the user can find out the most informative health-related topics. We are reviewing the health products and supplements likewise, back brace for posture by which you can correct your body posture and many more to live a healthy lifestyle. Because our only dream is to share the valuable knowledge everywhere in the world.

For each and every student who is studying in school, college, or doing any graduate, postgraduate, diploma or any certification courses we are running a scholarship program. In this program, the student needs to answer one simple question in their unique way.

The top 3 selected students will get a scholarship of $1000, they can use this amount in their study or in buying their study materials. Through this scholarship program, we want to help every student who has some unique skills and extra-ordinary thinking power to do something big and unique.

Well, let’s scroll down the page to check the question that you need to answer and the eligibility, T&C, and requirements as well.


What Are The Habits To Live A Healthy And Happy Lifestyle?


  • Your answer must be unique
  • You shouldn’t copy the answer from the Internet or somewhere else
  • The answer must be clear and well-written
  • Your answer must contain at least a minimum of 1k words
  • You must share valuable information only

Eligibility To Submit The Answer In Scholarship Program

  • Only students can participate in this scholarship program
  • Every student from any university is eligible to participate
  • The student must share their student ID card with their answer
  • You need to share your one photo, university name, college name, course, and full address
  • You can share the text format only
  • You must submit your answer in doc file (PDF not allowed)

Mailing Information For Scholarship Program

The student who is participating in this contest needs to send their answer to [email protected] in doc file. You shouldn’t attach the image in your answer. 

Deadline & Winner Announcement Date

The students who want to participate in this scholarship program must submit their answer before 1st June 2024. After the deadline, your answers will not be accepted.

All the 3 winners will be announced by 31st July 2024. After that our team will contact the winners and every winner will get an award amount of $1000.


The GoodsorBads holds all the rights to change the format and to postpone the deadline and winner announcement date without any notice. However, the students who submit their answers will be notified about any changes in the program.