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5 Tips for New Moms – How To Create Instructional Videos for Parenthood?

How To Create Instructional Videos for Parenthood?

Creating a video might not seem so difficult when we can simply use a phone for that. However, if the purpose of it is to be a set of instructions for new moms, the key is to choose the right approach.

The goal is to create a guide that will be valuable, simple to understand, and east to remember. Also, simply shooting it with a phone won’t be enough. You will need some additional tools to edit the content.

If you are a beginner, a simple online editor is the best way to start with. Therefore, you should check this out.

Also, shooting a video will require some skills. In this article, we will introduce to you the essential tips for making a good one.

1. Determine the Content

Determine the Parenthood Content

Parenthood is a wide area, and you cannot go with a general topic since it won’t be so valuable, or it last too long. Instead of that, choose a specific topic you will talk about.

For example, getting a first bath for a baby, or tips to keep your baby clean after changing the diaper all the time.

When you determine a niche, it will become easier to plan the content. The videos should not be too long as well. A good example of tips for new mom’s videos is to make shorter ones, and then collect them as one category.

Moreover, you can share them on Reels or TikTok, and gain a lot of followers in short time. So, let’ say that you covered a topic in a video that lasts 20 minutes.

You can share that on YouTube. On the other hand, you can cut that video in shorter parts for Reels.

For instance, if you are talking about 10 tips for cleaning a baby while changing a diaper, each one of these tips can be a separate short clip you will post on different social platforms.

Besides that, you can leave a link to a YouTube channel or a website where those who are interested can watch a full video.

2. Prepare a Plan

Making an Outline Before Shooting

Since you are sharing tips that should help people, keep in mind that the content must be straightforward and simple to track. The best way to achieve that is by making an outline before shooting.

In this part, you will plan each separate section from the introduction. It is quite simple to prepare an outline for tips. You can start with a short intro, and then to separate tips into different sections, with a short conclusion in the end.

That will make the shooting much easier since you can take breaks between different parts, and create each one separately.

3. Secure the Right Settings

Secure the Right Settings for Video Shooting

Start with a camera. As we already mentioned, even an average phone these days can make a decent video. Therefore, you don’t have to invest in an expensive camera right from the start.

On the other side, you can combine two or even three devices to shoot from different angles at the same time and make your video more engaging and professional.

Another, even more important detail is to select a proper background, without noise, and with good lights.

One of the best solutions is to use natural light. For example, in a living room close to a window. However, pay attention that reflections and shades won’t interfere with the quality.

4. Keep it Simple

Videos for Mothers with Newborn Babies

Since the aim is to help new parents, the focus must remain on sharing tips that anyone can understand. Therefore, you don’t need to pay so much attention on details that are common for most videos, such as effects, background music, and more.

Instead of that, focus on the main topic, and try to present it in the easiest possible way. This can be an interesting idea for mothers with newborn babies who can film their experiences and share them with others.

The best part is that you can select different topics, and create multiple sets of tips related to all sorts of things, like the bathing we mentioned, but also putting a baby to sleep, feeding, preparing food, playing, and much more.

For mothers interested in co-sleeper for breastfeeding, it could be valuable to include practical demonstrations and insights into creating a safe and comfortable environment, fostering a deeper connection between parent and child during these intimate moments.

Furthermore, the key is to focus on real examples and to be honest. If something is challenging, explain to people how challenging it really is, and what are the best ways to deal with that.

5. Learn Some Technical Skills

Editing Tools for Parenthood Videos

The last step before uploading the content is to make sure you have the right quality. That is the main reason to use editing tools. When you film a video, it will contain a lot of flaws, unnecessary breaks, and details you might want to remove.

You can do that quite easily with basic tools. Our suggestion is to focus on cutting some parts. That will create a flow, making a video more engaging and easier to follow.

Another tip you should use is transitioning. You can combine it with cutting to ensure a seamless appearance of the content.

Moreover, captions are always recommended. Keep in mind that many people are watching videos in public places, and they will keep their phones silent. Adding them is also simple, while there are also automatic options available.

While sound is not so important, you can still keep some in the background, but make sure it is not loud enough to interfere with your speech.

The Bottom Line

Newborn Babies Care

In the end, the most important thing when creating these videos is to keep in mind that following typical methods used for videos is not important at all. Trending is irrelevant if you are planning to post this on TikTok.

The focus must stay on providing valuable tips that will help young moms take care of their newborn babies. In that matter, the best approach is to make a set of videos that are simple, straightforward, and easy to follow and remember.

The additional editing tools are there to help you deal with some basics like transitions and cutting that will lead to a seamless experience.