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Hair Loss During Pregnancy [Best Solution To Prevent Hair Fall]


Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Pregnant women notice the various changes in the body and hair loss is one of them. So if you want healthy and shiny hair, then you have to follow the proper treatment. And in this article, I am going to tell you how to prevent hair fall during pregnancy. Basically, in most cases, you can easily restore your hair by just taking the proper care and taking the proper diet within a few months only.

There are so many pregnant women who are not doing any kind of physical activity during their pregnancy. Whereas it is highly recommended by the experts to do at least some light exercises if you want to take care of your skin and your hair. Because it boosts your blood circulation throughout your whole body. And here, I have one pro tip for you, while you are doing the physical activities do consider wearing the best nursing pajamas.

Because they are ideally designed to wear throughout the day without feeling any irritation. There are plenty of hospital pajamas are available that are made of PIMA cotton which is one of the top-notch cotton varieties. Jijamas Soft Cotton Pajamas is one of the best examples if you want to try.

In case, if you are facing extreme hair loss during pregnancy then, this post going to be the most helpful for you. Because I will share some of the working ways to prevent hair loss during pregnancy.

But if somebody suggested you to take any medicine before taking any kind of medical treatment, must consult your doctor and get the proper advice. Because the doctor will suggest the best treatment or the Trichotherapy regime which suits your condition.

So at this time, don’t take the things very lightly because one day, they can create a big issue for your health and even harm the health of your baby also. 

Well, without waiting anymore, let’s scroll down the page, and below you will get the cause and the solution of the hair loss during pregnancy. Follow the remedies properly and I am very sure that you will surely have some impressive results within a very short period of time.

Causes Of Massive Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair Fall During Pregnancy

Here, I am going to talk about the causes of massive hair fall during pregnancy. You should fix then if you want to stop hair fall during pregnancy. Because there is a connection between the hair fall and your pregnancy. But, it is temporary and lasts until your baby is born. So, first of all, you need to know the cause of hair loss in pregnancy. then only you will get the right solution. Let’s have a look at the cause of the hair loss.

  • Unhealthy food in your diet
  • No physical activities
  • Skin allergies and scalp infections
  • Fluctuations in the hormones during pregnancy
  • Chemical-based hair care products used
  • Taking the stress and having morning sickness

Solutions For Hair Fall During Pregnancy

Natural Treatment To Stop Hair Fall During Pregnancy

Routine Oiling- Every third or fourth day, you should oil your hairs genuinely. Not only for your hair even though it is also one of the best skin care tips during pregnancy for pregnant women. For that, you can choose any oil like Mustard Oil, Coconut, Jojoba, Almond, Olive, and more.

Either you can also go for the cow ghee and it should be a little bit warm while you are oiling on your hairs before going to the bed. Because it circulates the blood and the mineral of the oil in the layer of the scalp which provides the strength and the nourishment to your hair.

If you follow this hair care routine regularly for at least 2 weeks you will definitely get the best results. But make sure that before applying any oil, you should take the clearance from the doctor because a few of the oils are not recommended by the doctor during pregnancy.

Because sometimes, the smell of the oil may tolerate you and you may feel vomiting during pregnancy for the whole day. So, it might be harmful to you and even your baby who is inside the womb.

Add Meditation To Your Routine- Stress is one of the main reasons for the hair fall in pregnancy because mainly women take a lot of stress about the delivery and the negative situation that they might face.

So at this time, stress can lead to hair loss so, keep the one thing in the mind that stress can only be relived if you add the mediation to your daily routine.

You just need to breathe, relax, and try to do the meditation to feel free from the tension and stress. So preventing hair loss can be possible by just doing the mediation.

Apart from the hair loss, you might be worried about the delivery then let me tell you that you can add some light exercises for labor naturally.

After some time, you will see the improvement in your health and maybe lead to normal delivery as well. But when you perform the exercise then you may definitely need some loosely fitted clothes. Then I would suggest you wear hospital nursing pajamas to do the exercise properly.

Proper Nutritional Diet- Eating the nutritional diet is one of the best remedies to stop hair fall during pregnancy. Because it is important for the new mom to consume the food which contains minerals, proteins, and vitamins like the egg, almonds, spinach, sweet potato, daal, cottage cheese, and the watery fruits.

These foods recover your lost nutrients and even boost up the health of your hair and your body. So if you want to protect the follicles of the hair then consider the best foods to eat while pregnancy.

Drinking plenty of liquids in the form of the water or the juice can also prevent hair loss in pregnancy. Because water helps to flush out the toxins from the body which helps to stop the hair fall in a very short period of time. So eat the fresh fruits which contain the antioxidants, flavonoids, minerals, and vitamins to stay hydrated during pregnancy and relax.

Take The Nutritional Diet

Wash Your Hairs Frequently- You might be laughing at this, but I would prefer you to use the mild shampoos that we are using for the babies. Because they are made of fewer chemicals and they really don’t harm your skin and hair.

So wash your hair at least twice a week and keep your hair clean. And if you use the shampoo which contains the right ingredients can improve the growth of the hair and can reduce the heavy hair fall during pregnancy.

Make sure that, the shampoo should contain natural ingredients like argan oil, aloe vera, avocado oil, or jojoba. These ingredients boost the growth of the hair and even make them shiny also.

After washing the hair, apply the conditioner that contains the biotin and silica. It will make your hair smooth and protect the outer layer of your hair. Now, it is the right time to choose the right shampoo to minimize the hair fall.

The Final Verdict

Take Proper Treatment

Well, above I have shared the tips to stop hair fall during pregnancy and if you take some extra care of your hair during pregnancy. Then definitely you can overcome this issue. As this is a special time and the hair fall is very common for pregnant women. So there is nothing to take stress or tension because by taking the proper care and the precaution, you can easily manage the hair fall and say goodbye to your hair loss. 

You have to remember one thing that you cannot recover the hair overnight as it takes time. But you can follow some useful hair loss treatment that will make your hair heavier and healthier. Just try these healthy tips and stop your hair loss during pregnancy. Well, I hope you got the answer to your questions on how to stop hair fall during pregnancy. Now do share this post with others to help them to overcome this issue.