Public Breastfeeding Law

191.918. 1. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, a mother may, with discretion, breast-feed her child or express breast milk in any public or private location where the mother is otherwise authorized to be.

[NOTE: “discretion” is undefined]

Enforcement Provision


Workplace Pumping Law


Enforcement Provision


4 Responses to “Missouri”

  1. Kate says:

    I work for walmart in the state of Missouri. I feel is a double wammi: Walmart is not a family/pro woman emplyor, as an insider I know, and, I can’t find Missouri on any list of employment rights or protection not matter the topic let alone working mother issues.

    I’m jaded and hopless. I pump at work under the scrutiny of jealous coworker, and now a disiplinary action by the store manager (also a working mother).

    One day mixing business and babies will get out of the dark ages… and maybe Missouri’s employees emanasipated into the rest of the country as fair state to work in.


  2. […] to breastfeedinglaw.com (great resource, btw),  in the state of Missouri mothers can legally breastfeeding in […]

  3. Jennifer Walsh says:

    FYI, two new laws go into effect on August 28, 2014 in Missouri.

    The first law gives women the right to breastfed in any public or private space where they are authorized to be. The new law specifically states that breastfeeding may not be charged as any sort of sexual or public indecency crime, and prevents local governments from passing any ordinances which prevent breastfeeding in public.

    It also removes the “with as much discretion as possible” language and replaces it with the term “with discretion.” (R.S.Mo. 191.918.)

    The second law excuses a nursing mom from jury duty as long as she has “a completed written statement from her physician to the court certifying she is a nursing mother.” (R.S.Mo. 494.430.)