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Best Tips For Healthy Nails [Get Healthy Natural Nail] in 2024

Tips For Healthy Nails

Tips For Healthy Nails

Every girl or women has the dream to get healthy and beautiful nails and it is only possible if you take care of them in a proper manner with some of the working Tips For Healthy Nails. Maintaining healthy nails is not soo much time consuming or expensive nowadays Mostly girls wear different colors of nail polish and this polish will not be going to harm your nails.

As you wash your face every day, you should also clean the nails daily for growth and strength. Mainly girls think that manicure is one of the best options to take care of nails. You should take care of your nails on a daily basis. Many girls are found with stylish nails and it is just because of the nail art. If your nails are not enough to grow properly then you will feel very bad.

Gorgeous hands and nails is a big step towards becoming a beautiful girl as our hands do everything for you like cleaning, typing, writing, cooking and everything. So it’s our first duty to clean our nails and make them healthy natural nails.

And today in this article, I am going to share the secret of how to take care of your cuticles and Yes, after using these tips for healthy nails you can see the difference. As to keep your nails clean and healthy should be the first priority of yours and you don’t need to go to the parlor. 

So without taking much time of yours, I would like to share the tips for healthy nails so that you can improve your nails and have the regular habit to clean it regularly. You just need to scroll down the page and below I am going to share the tips of how to take care of nails naturally.

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Tips For Healthy Nails

Best Tips For Healthy Nails

Keep Your Hand Clean- Most of the people wash there hand just to get rid of the germs and bacteria. So it essential to pay the extra attention to your nails and make them clean on a regular basis. It allows you to show your beauty with healthy nails by cleaning them.

If in case you are traveling and you don’t have the water to clean your hand then you should carry the hand sanitizer in your bag that contains at least 60% water to clean hands. The tips for the nails are given below

  • Clean dirt from your nails
  • Wash your hand
  • Soak your nails in a bowl of warm for minutes
  • Use the nail brush to scrub the top
  • Remove nail polish if it is necessary
  • Wash Your hands again.

Cut Your Nails Regularly- Everyone knows that without cutting the nails it has more chance to spread the more chance s of the infection. So cutting your nails on a regular basis is one of the best ways to avoid the nail problem.

We always take care of our skin and body but we left to care with the small areas like nails or hands. Sometimes what happens you will scratch your own face with your nails when you feel itchy and the blood comes out which can be a serious problem.

Just to avoid it from the problem, you should have the habit of cutting nails regularly. Ingrown nails, Bacterial nails, Nail injury can be the main problem by without cutting your nails. If you want to avoid the damage of nails then it is only possible by cutting them.

Avoid Acetone-Based Polish Removers- Mostly girls use Acetone just to remove the polish from your nails as they have the habit of changing the nail paints according to there dress they wear, so they use acetone to remove it but it is very harmful and powerful solvent.

You should avoid it Acetone-Based Polish Removers those have dry and splitting nails because sometimes your nails become white and harsh if you use too much acetone on your nails. You should adopt the acetone free remover like sweet almond, soya oil, and sugarcane that can improve the overall health of the nails.

It will penetrate the skin of your hand by soaking your fingers every day in a bowl f acetone for a long time as it can cause serious harm to your nails.  It will penetrate the skin of hands by soaking your fingers every day in a bowl of acetone for a long time and can cause serious harm or damage to your nails. So you should avoid the acetone based polish removers.

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Tips For Healthy Nails Home Remedies

Tips For Healthy Nails Home Remedies

Olive oil & Lemon- Mostly girls or women spend the money to manicure the nails in the saloon which is very expensive and time-consuming to get their nails shiny and beautiful. Today I came with the best manicure that you can apply at your home only without going to any saloon or parlor.

You don’t have to buy expensive products like olive oil and lemon is always available at your home. Below You will get the tips to apply the olive oil and lemon on your nails. so let’s have a look

  • Mix lemon juice and cold olive oil in equal proportion
  • Rub your nails twice in a day with the mixture
  • Once the liquid is absorbed you have to put the cotton gloves for 2-3 hours
  • apply the procedure for 3 weeks

After applying this method on your nails you will see the good effect and you will feel the difference in the structure of your nails. This home remedy will work definitely.

Coconut oil- Coconut oil rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals which are good for the human body as well for the nails also. If you want to grow the healthy nails, then moisturizing with the coconut oil is one of the best home remedies that you can use easily. So before going to the bed, you need to warm some coconut oil and massage your nails in a circular motion and leave it on and go to sleep.  

If you have dry and damaged nails then you should suffer from pain and they look unsightly then coconut oil is only the ingredients at is almost available at the home. It helps in maintaining the moisture of the nails by keeping them hydrated as it contains nutrients that help in strengthening the nails while also keeping it shiny. Coconut oil has anti-fungal properties that can help you to treat with the fungal infections on nails.

Vitamins For Healthy Nails

Vitamins For Healthy Nails

Vitamin A- Vitamin A plays an essential role in maintaining the growth of the body and reproductive health. You have to take an adequate amount of diet that can easily prevent you from unhealthy nails. The foods that are rich in vitamin A is  Vitam A protects you from the UV damage and helps your skin as well as healthy as it also boots your immunity system.

Vitamin B- You can consume the food which can help you to get more vitamin b. Either you can use some additional supplements also. Because not only for nails even vitamins are also beneficial for our normal health as well.

Vitamin C- Getting vitamin c is not rocket science you can get vitamin c very easily from various type of fruits. Because it is easily available in so many fruits. In these high vitamin c foods, we have the Guavas, Sweet Yellow Peppers, Parsley, Mustard Spinach, Kiwis and many more.

Well, this was all about the Tips For Healthy Nails, even we can say some of the Working Tips For Healthy Nails. So, this is your turn to try these ways. And, I can assure you that you will get genuine and visual improvement in your nails quality.