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Home Remedies for Watery Eyes [Complete Solution At Home]


home remedies for watery eyes

Do you sometimes find out that your eyes are watering excessively? No doubt, tears play an important role in keeping your eyes healthy. They help to keep your eyes lubricated and also to wash and remove the foreign particles from your eyes. Well, the production of tears is through a piece of well-oiled machinery with the eyes making the tears continuously.

And, draining them through the tear duct. But if you are having watery eyes all the time. Then, in that case, there may be any problem which you need to find out and fix it. Well, to fix those problems, today I am going to tell you about the Home Remedies for Watery Eyes.

But before that, let me tell you that, the treatment depends on the cause or reason of watery eyes, and some of the most common causes are:

What Are The Reasons For Watery Eyes

remedies for watery eyes

Dry Eyes- Dryness is one of the major cause for watery eyes. Dryness makes your eyes uncomfortable and stimulates the production of excessive tears into the eyes which leads to watery eyes.

Allergy- Watery eyes could also take place due to seasonal allergies such as pollen. Not only that, but also the other substance like mold, dust, or animal dander, are also a symptom which is causing excessive watering as well as many other symptoms like itchiness or reddened eyes. And many more allergies are there like the watery eyes cold etc. And to cure them, today I will provide you with the Home Remedies for Watery Eyes.

While in some cases, medication is successful in curing watery eyes. But to avoid the risk of uncertainty or any kind of reaction in your eyes. And, to get complete as well as an amazing result, I will recommend you to follow the Home Remedies for Watery Eyes. But in certain conditions, you may require surgeries as well, and the best example for it is blocked tear duct.

Well, many people also ask me how to stop eye from watering when wearing makeup? So, let me tell you that, these Home Remedies for Watery Eyes are also going to help you stop your eyes watering. When you wear makeup as well. These home remedies are going to be very helpful to cure your problems. So, let’s check out the Home Remedies for Watery Eyes so that, your problem of the watery eye or the one watery eye could be cured.

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Home Remedies for Watery Eyes- How to stop watery eyes?

1. Omega 3 and 7 fatty acids

watery eyes

Consuming omega 3 which is a fatty acid could help you in solving the problem of tearing related to dry eyes. And these beneficial fats are generally available in oily fish like mackerel, salmon, herring, and sardines. So, the answer for how to stop watery eyes is to consume at least 2 portions of fish and you must make sure that one of these must be an oily wish. And if you are a vegetarian, then you can get the omega 3 acid from soy products, green leafy veggies, and also from the nuts and seeds too.

Omega 7 is also a good cure for dry eyes. Well, omega 7 could be received from a different source like the sea buckthorn oil, and many more other sources, and you must consume it as it is also a very useful source to avoid the problem of watery eyes or one watery eye.

2. Specialized glasses and humidifier

watery eyes cold

The special glass used to tackle the dry eyes is the moisture chamber spectacles. They help to keep out irritants and to retain moisture by wrapping around your eyes and thus keep your eyes safe from tearing up. Well, another amazing device which could help you in curing your watery eyes is the humidifier. So, it is advised to use a cool mist humidifier, to keep the moisture in the surrounding air, and reduce the symptoms of watery eyes. And if the contact lenses are causing watery eyes, then your doctor will also advise you to use special contact lenses as well.

3. Application of Eye Compress

how to stop eye from watering when wearing makeup

One of the most efficient Home Remedies for Watery Eyes is the application of eye compress. Applying a warm eye compress for 5 to 10 minutes thrice a day is going to be beneficial to reduce the discomfort from bacteria or viral conjunctivitis. All you have to do is to soak a clean washcloth in sterile warm water, and your compress is all set to be used, now you have to just compress it and apply it on the closed eyes.

But, if you are suffering from allergenic conjunctivitis, then you will find the cold compress more beneficial. And to prepare the cold compress, all you have to do is to use cold water instead of warm water. Well, you could also use a cold damp tea bag. It is also going to provide you the same level of benefit and provide you good compress.

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4. Use a Chamomile Eyewash

watery eyes

Another most amazing Home Remedies for Watery Eyes is the chamomile eyewash. Chamomile is a traditional solution which is being used as an eyewash to cure the conjunctivitis of the eyes. It is going to be helpful if your eyes are being watered constantly. It includes the anti-inflammatory and the anti-microbial property of this herb is going to be beneficial for your watery eyes.

Well, to prepare for the eyewash, you need to put 2 to 3 tablespoon of this herb in a pint of boiling water and you have to strain it for a few minutes. And you have to wait and let the solution to cool down before you use it as an eyewash. And to get the best result, you must make the fresh eyewash every time you are up to use it. As the old solution may not remain sterling for a long period.

And let me tell you that, some people may be an allergic reaction towards the chamomile. So before using it typically, you must first do a patch test so that, you could get to know if you are having an allergic reaction with it or not.

5. Honey Solution

watery eyes cold

Honey is popular for its antibacterial properties and is best to cure bacterial conjunctivitis. Well, applying honey helps in reducing the symptoms as well as the bacteria infection even. But all good things take time, this remedy too. So, to make this solution, you have to add 3 teaspoons of medical grade honey in 2 cups of boiling water and leave it till it cools down.

Now, you have to wipe away pus and crusted debris with this solution. And that’s all you have to do with this solution. If you are taking my advice, use this solution two times a day for the best results. And in my views, it is one of the most amazing Home Remedies for Watery Eyes.

6. Warm compress, massage, and scrub

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Well, a regular routine of eye cleaning will effectively be going to help you in removing oily debris and grime for your eyes. It works amazingly in tackling the watering eyes and also helps to cure other symptoms related to blepharitis. So, to apply this, first, you have to apply a warm compress on your eyes for around 10 minutes. It helps in softening the oil which has been secreted by the glands in your eyes. And it also helps in making it more fluid.

And after that, you have to use message your closed eyes gently with your little fingers in a circular motion. After that, roll a cotton bud over them towards the edges of your eyes, so that, the oil could be pushed out from the glands. And now, you have to make a cleaning solution for your eyes.

So, to make a cleaning solution, you have to add a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to water. But before adding that, make sure that the water must be boiled and then cooled in a comfortably warm temperature. Now, all you have to do is to dip a cotton ball in this solution and gently use it to wipe away the germs, dirt and the crusty bits from your eyelids and eyelashes.

Final Few Words About Home Remedies for Watery Eyes

how to stop watery eyes

Well, that’s some of the most useful Home Remedies for Watery Eyes. I am really very sure that these are surely going to work really very amazing for you. It is one of the most amazing and best solution to make your watery eyes absolutely perfect like before.

Well, that’s how to stop watery eyes. And I am really very sure that these home remedies are surely going to work and provide you with the most amazing and impressive result for sure. Not only that, but it is also useful for watery eyes cold. If there is only one watery eye, in that case even you must use it on both of your eyes as these home remedies are never going to have any side effect on your eyes. Rather they are going to be beneficial for your eyes in every case.