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How To Care Toenails [Useful Tips For Healthy Toenails]

How to care toenails

When things come to the beauty, the feet almost get neglected. So if you don’t care about your toenails then, it can cause a serious problem like infection, pain and serious health problems. The toenails should be cut properly to prevent yourself from the pain and other problems. Well, you may have the question in your mind that How to care toenails? In this post, I will answer all the questions regarding your toenail and the problems.

In the entire human body, feet are the only part of your body through which you can stand for the whole day. It is your first duty to keep your toenails in the best condition. It doesn’t matter whats the season or the situation is. You should keep your toenails soft, strong and away from the problems. Let us begin with how you can care about your toenails.

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How To Care Toenails

  • Firstly, you have to wash your feet with the soap and the warm water so that your toenails may free from the sweat, dirt and from the bacteria.
  • You should do soft massage with the moisturizing lotion every day on your feet. So that when you wake up in the early morning, you can feel that your feet are free from the dryness.  
  • In a particular time cycle, you should take the pedicure in the salon so that you can remove the dirt as well as cut the dead nails.
  • By wearing shoes, you can provide better care to your toenails. Because it will prevent your nails from the infection and some other injuries as well.
  • Most of the women apply nail polish on a daily basis. However, there should be a break from nail polish. It can change the color of your nails and it will bring the abnormalities in the shape of the nails.

How To Cut Toenails

Most of the people think that cutting the toenails looks like a very simple and easy task. But if you cut your toenails in the wrong way. Then definitely, you will get the various bad results.

It may be cut on your skin and can spread the fungus also. Basically, there are six steps through which you can cut your toenails properly, and you can understand how to care toenails. 

  • First, you have to use the equipment to cut your toenails. Mainly, people use the blades and scissors which are harmful to your skin. If you want to cut the nails of your toe then you have to use the appropriate equipment. For the toenails, there are the separate clippers and you have to clean your clippers before cutting your toenails.
  • I would like to suggest you cut your toenails before taking the shower. Because of your dry nails of the toe bend when you cut them you will get the clean-cut. Those people who have thicker toenails. They have to cut their nails after the shower.
  • You may have the question in your mind that what is the ideal length of the toenails. Then 1 to 2 millimeters (0.04 to 0.08 inches) is the average length. If you cut your nails too shorter then there is the risk of the ingrown and if you leave too long then it may be caught on something.
  • After reminding the above things, now finally you have to cut your toenails. You need to cut straight just to avoid the pain and ingrown. Now firstly, you have to cut with the clippers from the side of the nails just to create the straight edge and after that, you need to remove the rest nail with the line of the straight cut.
  • You have to cut your toenails every six to eight weeks. In case, if you are the runner or the athlete then you need to trim them earlier if you want to feel more comfortable.

Tips For Healthy Toenails

Now without wasting a single moment, it’s the time to know how to care toenails? Here below, I am going to share the 3 best tips for healthy nails so that you can care about your toenails. Let us have a look.

Get a Salon Pedicure Once Per Month- Pedicure is the only way through which you not only care your toenail but also rubbed and remove your dead skin by just using the proper equipment and products.

It is the only treatment of your toenails by which you can care for your toenails in a genuine manner. In case, you don’t have the time to go to the salon then you can do the pedicure process at your home yourself. For that you have to soak your feet in the warm water then you can remove the dead skin easily.

Wear Socks in Your Shoes- If you are wearing the shoes without having the socks. Then it is not a good thing. You should obtain a habit to wear socks in your shoes. It can help to keep your feet dry and reduce the chances of the bacteria.

If you are the person who loves to wear shoes on a daily basis without wearing socks. Then definitely, you will feel that your feet sweat. To avoid such problems you must wear socks. Because it also reduces the chance of cracked heels. This is one of the best tips that should be followed by the people as most don’t have the habit to wear socks.

Take a Break From Nail Polish- Most of the polish contains a large amount of the chemicals. It can damage your toenails very badly. So just to prevent your nails from all the problems. You must have to take the break from applying the nail paint.

Most of the time what happens, the nail paint left on your nails for a long time may cause the white patches on your nails. To avoid such problems you have to take a break from using the nail paint and keep yourself away from various kinds of chemicals.

You may also lose the natural color of your nails and it may turn into the unhealthy yellow color or change the texture as well as the thickness of your toenails.

Few Final Words On How To Care Toenails

Well, at the end of this post, I believe now you have some useful information to take care of your toenails. All you need to adopt them in your lifestyle. These are the working tips by which you can have beautiful healthier toenails. Because in the modern era nails become part of your beauty.

People are investing pretty much in nail arts, so you should make sure that you are caring for your toenails properly and not harming them. Because it will surely make you more beautiful and more confident. We wish you a healthy and beautiful lifestyle, stay connect with us for more helpful articles to live a healthy lifestyle.