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Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket [Best Tennis Racquet 2024]

Wilson Blade Team Racket Review

Wilson is the name that we can trust. Whenever we thinking about tennis accessories, either it is a tennis racquet or anything else. It is the very first name comes to our mind. So, here I picked up the Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket. A tennis racquet that is coming from the house of Wilson with the trust of Wilson that we can consider as the best.

Tennis is one of the most popular games among the youth. Not as a game only, even it has a huge career opportunity. If you have a true sports spirit in your soul. Then trust me no one can stop you to become a successful tennis player.

For that, you should practice in a hardcore manner, and you should have the best accessories as well. The best intermediate tennis racquet is the very first thing you should buy. Because it is the base that you need to set up. You can avoid any other accessories but my dear you can avoid a good tennis racquet. However, it needs time to find out the best one in your budget, but still, you should invest your time and effort to find the best one.

Well, it is a bitter truth that finding out the best product is not so easy. But we made it easy, here I have the experts recommend for you. The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket is the tennis racquet which is recommended by so many experts in the industry. That is why I have decided to share a comprehensive review of this best tennis racquet for intermediate player.

Well, I just request you to let’s scroll down the page to check out the detailed review of this product. It will be the right way to find out the exact pros and cons of this best intermediate tennis racquet. Let’s give it a look.

Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket [The Comprehensive Review]

While playing everyone needs a racquet which is well-balanced and easy to move in any direction. The racquet you are using shouldn’t be too heavy and too light. Because a lightweight racquet feels more shock while hitting.

Where a little bit heavier racquet absorbs shock and gives you the fine shots and better performance. That is the reason why experts always advise to play with a well-balanced tennis racquet. It should be just perfect in weight.

However, a heavier a racquet can put more power in your shot. But sometimes it becomes a reason for hand injuries or so many other problems. It is not so easy to play with a heavy racquet because you need more force to move it in your preferred direction. So, the racquet you are using must be balanced in terms of its weight and length.

The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket is just pretty in all the aspects. You can consider it as the best intermediate tennis racquet. If you are thinking to upgrade your racquet and need something which can help you to see some improvisation in your game and in your performance. Then, it can be the right choice for you.

Some Of The Main Highlights Of This Tennis Racquet

  • Thinner beam construction
  • Matte finish with detailed pattern
  • Pre-strung with Wilson sensation
  • Multifilament string built for arm-friendly comfort
  • Good Control
  • Head is slightly larger than other racquets
  • Head heavy puts more force on your shots

Perfectly Measured Beam

A thinner beam with a little bit larger head is the perfect combination. The thinner beam enhances dwell time and adds control while playing some surprising shots throughout your game. I would recommend you to consider the beam construction before purchasing any tennis racquet.

The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket offers you a thinner beam which can help you play an aggressive game. It perfectly handles the force you put on your every shot. Because of the thinner beam, it absorbs the shock very well. It doesn’t shake in your hand and you can easily hit some well-balanced and aggressive shots.

Well-Balanced Head Size

There are so many players who love a little bit heavier head racquet. Whereat the other hand so many love the lighter head racquets. But, I always advise playing with a balanced tennis racquet. The racquet you are playing with should be controlled in a proper manner.

It shouldn’t be too heavy either too light. A well-balanced tennis racquet gives you the better hold and better control of your every single shot. There are three categories in racquets you can go for. Here, we have, headlight, head heavy, and evenly balanced racquets.

If you go for the headlight racquet then you will get a racquet with a little bit of lighter head and heavier handle, where head heavy racquets have more mass in the head and lighter in handle. Then, third, we have the evenly balanced, this type of racquets have equal mass in the head and handle.

My personal recommendation is to go for the evenly balanced either head heavy racquet. Because they are easy to move and easy to handle. The head heavy racquet puts more force in your shots. The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket comes with a little bit heavier head.

It helps you play some drastic shots so that you can surprise everyone with your game. Improvisation is all about practice. How you perform depends on how you practice. So, before going to perform in the finals with this best intermediate racquet, I would recommend you to practice at least 7-10 days. By this, you will have a better idea of how it will perform to you.

Strong And Comfortable Grip

No doubt it is the most important thing to consider. Because if you do not have a strong grip on your racquet then you cannot play match winning shots. Tennis is all about your strength, confidence, grip, hold, and movements.

You need to be one step ahead of your competitors, and you need to behold your racquet properly. Your grip should be strong enough so that you can move your hand in any direction without any discomfort. The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket comes with a perfectly measured design. In this racquet, the handle is just pretty awesome.

It feels very comfortable and soft in your hands and gives you a strong grip, so it will not slip from your hands. This is all about how it helps you to perform like a pro. If you want to upgrade your gears to improve your skills and your game. Then, this will be the right product for you. Just go for it and grab it now. You will surely love it.

Few Final Words About The Wilson Blade Team Tennis Racket

There is no need to search anymore for the best intermediate racquet. Because here we have reviewed the ideal product for you. If you are serious about your game and your career. This trusts me, you are in the dire need of this tennis racquet. Because it will help you to the advanced level game.

Accessories are the base for everything. So, here you have the best product to go for. Just order it now and start practice with it. You will get it the best value for money product, which you always need. Well, it is the right time to upgrade your tennis racquet from beginner to intermediate or advanced. So, are you waiting for now? Just give it a try and do not forget to share your experience with us, we would love to head something from you.