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Tennis Racquet Buying Guide [What To Consider & What To Avoid]

Tennis Racquet Buying Guide

Buying a tennis racquet or anything else is not rocket science. But when it comes to the best intermediate racquet. Then you need a Tennis Racquet Buying Guide to choose the right product for you. Because if you are upgrading your racquet. Then the new one must be better in terms of quality and performance.

Because this is what you expect from an update. So, here we are sharing a Tennis Racquet Buying Guide. This will be the most helpful Tennis Racquet Buying Guide by which you can easily find whatever you are looking for in the best intermediate tennis racquet.

Nothing is simple in this world until it happens. This is the most valuable line. But to do the best you need to be the best or at least better than others. In your journey, your accessories your tools play a major role. If you are a tennis player. Then you may know the value of a high-quality racquet. How well you will perform, it completely depends on how good accessories you are using.

That is the reason why I always advise to invest in the quality rather than the quantity. If you are buying a cheaper racquet now, then invest a little bit more, and buy the best one. Because it will help you practice in a right and the perfect manner. Also, it will help you to take your game to the next level.

The one big question is which is the best intermediate racquet? Because there is so many racquets are available in the market. Then which one you should consider. If you are thinking about it. Then, just be relax, because you are in the ideal spot. Here in this post, I am going to talk about the points that you need to consider before buying your next racquet.

Tennis Racquet Buying Guide [Things To Be Considered]

Head Size – While buying a tennis racquet this should be the first point in your mind. The head is the most important thing in a tennis racquet. Because only it can decide the quality and level of the shots you will hit throughout the game.

The recommendation is to go for the little bit larger head size tennis racquet. Because of the large head size, a player can put the maximum force in the shot. This is how the right choice can help you to improve your game.

However, the head of the racquet shouldn’t be too large either too small. It should be perfectly measured to provide you the right space. So, when you choose the best intermediate tennis racquet as the upgrade of your current racquet. Then, it will be good to go for the large head size racquet.

Weight – Whether you are buying tennis or anything else, weight matters a lot. Some of the people may advise you to go for the lighter racquets, where others may advise you to go for the heavier ones. Because they have their own experience with the specific racquet.

Sometimes a heavier racquet helps you to put more force in your shot so that you can hit some surprising shots. But sometimes a lighter one proved the best in terms of movements and speed. There are so many differences between individual experiences.

So, the question arises here, which one you should go for. Then, I would say first check out your strength. If your arms are strong enough, then a little bit heavier racquet will surely work great for you. But if you ever had an injury in your hand, then I would say you must go for the lighter one.

Because a lighter tennis racquet will be easier to move and easier to hold. However, it is completely your call which one you want to use.

For those who don’t know which is best for them. I will recommend you to go for the balanced one. It means, neither too heavy or light. This type of racquet will work extremely fine for everyone. Because they are easy to handle, easy to hold and the most importantly easy to move in any direction.

Headlight, Head Heavy, and Evenly Balanced – These are three categories available in the market. You can choose any one from them. Before that let me explain what do they mean actually. This will be the way you can get the ideal one for you.

A headlight tennis racquet stand for the lighter head and little bit of heavier handle. This type of racquets are especially recommended for those who have a heavier wrist and strong elbows.

Where the second one is head-heavy, these racquets come with the heavier head and the lighter handles. If you want to put more force in your every single shot. Then you should go for the head heavy tennis racquet.

But if you don’t want to buy anyone of both. Then, you have one more option evenly balanced. This will be the best one for you. They have equal mass in the handles and the head. They are well-balanced and recommend for every player.

If you believe in skills and practice then you can easily achieve your dreams. It doesn’t matter which type of racquet you are using. Because good equipment just can help you to improve, however, you should practice on your own. This is the most important point of this Tennis Racquet Buying Guide that you must have to consider before buying the best intermediate racquet.

Grip & Comfort – Tennis is all about how you hold your racquet, how you feel with it, and how you move it. That is all you need to be a pro tennis player. Your grip should be tight enough to hit some drastic shots.

It should be too thin and it should be too thick, just quite perfect. However, you can adjust the thickness of the handle by using additional grips. But still, I would recommend you to go for the one which comes with the perfect measured grip.

Also, the racquet you are holding should be very comfortable to hold. Because if it is not comfortable, then trust me you cannot handle it throughout the whole game. So, before purchasing any tennis racquet you must check out either it is comfortable or not.

Some More Points To Consider

These are some of the most important points that you should keep in mind while choosing the best intermediate racquet for you. Because if you want to improve your game. Then your racquet will play a major role. So, it must be best in terms of quality. Well, let me tell you some more important things to consider while purchasing the best tennis racquet for intermediate player.

  • Racquet must be easy to move
  • It must be stylish and good looking
  • The string should be high-quality
  • It should be ideal in length
  • Easy to hold and carry
  • The material used in the product must be durable

These are a few of the important things to be considered. Well, I will say if you are finding for the intermediate or advanced level tennis racquet. Then just follow this Tennis Racquet Buying Guide, it will surely help you to find out what you exactly want. Because it will help you to consider every big and small point that can ensure to give you the best result.