Being a parent is the most beautiful thing in the world. Whether you are already a parent or just about to become, the fact is that parenting is a demanding job, a challenging and ultimately beautiful thing that makes life more complete. Babies bring tenderness and warmth when you play with them, feed them, change them, bathe them, or whatever of all the other activities required by the youngest members of the family. Simply, nurturing your newborn is a special thing that brings a new wonderful experience.

Either way, mothers most often perform most of these tasks, and that’s a fact. We don’t want to say that fathers don’t do anything, but it’s true that many children spend more time with a female parent. For example, in the first months of life, a newborn requires a lot of attention and full commitment. First of all, we mean breastfeeding that only mothers can perform, right? But in addition to all the attention and care, there are some other things that need to be done such as cleaning the house, preparing meals, and finally walking with the baby outside.

These things are an integral part of your daily routine. As we mentioned earlier, quite a large part of child care in the first year of life is carried out by mothers. Is there anything that would make their lives easier and make the time with the baby even better? Surely! We are talking about slings for breastfeeding that allow you to always be with the baby, to breastfeed it if necessary, no matter where you are, and finally to do all the aforementioned activities. With that in mind, we decided to introduce you to some of the best products that the market in 2020 has to offer. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

1. CuddleBug Baby Carrier

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There is no doubt that every parent wants the best for its child. There is simply no room for compromise, so we decided to start this list with the best choice overall. It’s Baby Carrier by CuddleBug. This model, in addition to top quality workmanship, also brings you a hands-free feature. So, you will be able to perform all the daily tasks while still being with the baby.

As for the materials, Baby Carrier is a durable combination of French terrycloth and spandex. However, the best thing about this sling for breastfeeding is that it actually has multiple uses (as many as 9). You can use it as a carrier, as a breastfeeding cover, etc.

Another thing that is especially important when it comes to these products is comfort. The Baby Carrier by CuddleBug is thankfully very comfortable, soft, breathable and lightweight. But that’s not all. By purchasing this product (about $40 on Amazon), you are helping the charity in Guatemala named “Long Way Home”. For all these reasons, Baby Carrier is deservedly ranked number one.

2. Solly Boba Wrap

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Another traditional sling with a great reputation among parents is Solly Boba Wrap by Boba. Since caring for newborns is quite a demanding job, it is very important to have one of these. This product is among the best when it comes to newborns, and with good reason.

It brings many advantages compared to other competitors, and one is the possibility of washing in the washing machine, but also provides support for legs and knees, is very comfortable, light, easy to use, adaptable, suitable for facial breastfeeding, and made of baby-friendly materials (95% cotton, 5% spandex).

Feature of customization allows you to completely adapt it to yourself and the baby so that both feel comfortable. Another good thing is the wide selection of colors. In terms of price, you can find Solly Boba Wrap for about $40.

3. Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

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One of the problems that parents face when carrying their children in warm weather. With that in mind, we researched the market and came up with this great solution by Baby K’tan. Their baby sling with a double loop design is above all great in terms of your baby’s position. Thanks to the mentioned design, it is possible to place newborns in as many as five different positions.

As for the main feature, it is definitely a breathable material. This product is made of mesh knit, 100% cotton, which provides comfort and a great solution for warm weather.

This baby sling is available in several different sizes, with a maximum weight of 35lbs. The price is slightly higher than for previous products, but trust us, baby equipment is not something to save on. The current price is around $60.

4. KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier

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If you still want a cheaper product, but at the same time high-quality, reliable and well-rated by moms and dads, then our recommendation is undoubtedly KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier. This baby sling is made of baby-friendly spandex-mix material and is very elastic. The maximum weight recommended is 35lbs.

This one can also be used for multiple purposes. For example, you can use it only as a baby sling, as a breastfeeding cover, or as a post-partum belt.

The enhanced bonding system allows your baby to be very close to you, while still being comfortable for both. Another thing to mention is the availability in as many as 7 colors. The current price is budget-friendly as this sling by KeaBabies is available for just $27.

5. Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling Baby Carrier

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Last but not least the sling for breastfeeding is this one by Maya Wrap. If you are looking for a solution that is beautifully done in a fashion sense, but at the same time extremely comfortable for you and your baby, then this is the right thing. It’s great that it can be adjusted to the size of the baby from the earliest days until your newborn reaches 35 pounds in weight.

In addition, the designers who created this sling also thought of your back and shoulders. This one has pads so the pressure will be less. In terms of material, this sling is made entirely of cotton so it is breathable, comfortable, and cooler compared to some other models.

When it comes to extra features, we definitely need to point out a pocket that is ideal for some things that you would have to carry in your hands or bag. The current price is admittedly much higher than all previous ones, but we have to say it is justified by some useful features. This baby sling is available for about $80 on Amazon.


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