A safe and cozy position for mom and baby is significant, especially during breastfeeding or feeding. The breastfeeding pillow is elastic and practical. It is made of natural materials, which suit children’s skin.

The breastfeeding pillow has multiple purposes and is extremely useful for both pregnant women and new mothers. Everyone who has not been in the role of a mother cannot fully understand the torment and discomfort that comes with a change in the body during pregnancy.

To improve this lack of comfort and for women to relax in a specific position, a breastfeeding pillow came on the scene, which is an essential part of baby equipment today. He is a great support and backrest that is always welcome, especially during naps and rest. Find out how to use a breastfeeding pillow and how it makes everyday life easier for future and current mothers.

Breastfeeding a baby can sometimes be a challenge.

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Breastfeeding a baby can sometimes be a complicated task that often no one prepares you for. And when you know everything in theory, in the moments when you just came home with the child from the maternity hospital, the circumstances can be extremely stressful. About a third of women face at least two problems during the breastfeeding period, so relax, it is inevitable that you are not alone with your anxiety.

Breastfeeding, no matter how natural the process, can sometimes be painful and strenuous. During the first weeks of breastfeeding, the nipples must develop a tolerance for the baby’s sucking, which can be very strong at certain moments. Apart from the fact that this period can be a burden for the nipples, it is no less a burden placed on the abdomen and back during breastfeeding. The breastfeeding pillow serves to help you reduce the pain you feel in the body in a very successful way.

When to buy a breastfeeding pillow?

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Future mothers should buy a pillow for babies already in pregnancy. In the last trimester, women feel discomfort and a problem with adequate adjustment during sleep and rest. A pillow can help these days and give pregnant women the peaceful sleep they miss so much.

Pillow makes it extremely easy to lie on your side, which suits pregnant women the most. The simplest way to use the pillow is that it is enough for the pregnant woman to hug it with her legs while supporting the abdomen with one end. At the same time, the pillow is soft support that helps the whole body. If expectant moms are tired, they can put a pillow behind their head and use it as a backrest, it helps!

1. My Brest Friend Original Nursing Posture Pillow

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It is the best pillow that can be found on the market right now. It is made of 100% cotton, and you will take the best position during breastfeeding. With this pillow, you will reduce pain in the neck, back, and arms during breastfeeding, the smart design quickly embraces your body and helps the baby to adjust better. It has pockets that can be extremely useful.

2. Borje Newborn Breastfeeding Adjustable Pillow

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It is a pillow for all fans of the new design with 45 ° Angle, made of soft cotton that will please you and your baby while breastfeeding. It is straightforward to use and maintain and has a very sturdy zipper.

3. My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

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What sets this pillow apart and puts it at the top of our list is the excellent crafting material, the soft cotton that your baby will adore. This pillow has a wrap-around design, and you can use only one hand while breastfeeding, and it also has pockets in which you can put a bottle, balm and even cream.

How to breastfeed properly with a pillow?

When a baby is born and asks for breast milk for the first time, everything changes. Mom has an enormous responsibility and indebtedness that can require effort. There are different breastfeeding positions that mothers use, but all types require physical exertion. The breastfeeding pillow serves to reduce this effort and to make the whole feeding process easier for mothers.

It is only necessary that during breastfeeding, the pillow serves as a support for the baby, which will automatically mean less load on the mother’s arms. The pad got the function of support for the mother’s hands, with which she easily holds the child. To best position the mother and the child, it is first necessary to place the pillow on the lap and then to place the child in the best way.

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The pillow can be used on the front (cradle position), on the side (soccer ball position), or around the back as a support. Moms should keep in mind that although the breastfeeding pillow is stable, the areas in which the mother and baby adjust can change.

There are very few positions that suit babies like the one where the mother lies on her back with the baby on her stomach, when “skin to skin” contact can be felt. Then the breasts are ready for feeding, and mom has the opportunity to rest using a pillow as a support for her arms.

Another vital purpose of the pillow is protection from painful wounds from the cesarean section, which are even more intense during breastfeeding. Also, for mothers who have undergone surgery – episiotomy, a pillow is helpful: they can place it under the lower back to avoid pressure on the wound while sitting and lying down.

Whether moms buy it for themselves or get it, a breastfeeding pillow is an ideal gift that makes the days during and after pregnancy much more accessible. The reduction of pain in the neck, shoulders, and spine is noticeable, which has a positive effect on the mood and stress that women face during this period. The pillow is anatomical and easily adapts to the body, and its soft cotton fabrication stands out as a unique advantage. Give yourself or someone you love a pillow because it will come with much-needed muscle relaxation.


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