Feeding your newborn baby can be a challenge for many women. About 30% of the women who are eager to breastfeed are not able to do it because of pain. Or lack of milk production.

There is nothing wrong with bottle feeding. However, if you want to make sure your baby has the right nutrition no matter what a feeding pillow can be a great ally.

Originally feeding pillows were created to help babies who were not able to sit on their own. Sometimes their muscles begin to develop later than normal and this type of pillow was designed to help them. However soon or later women found on them a good opportunity to feed their babies with its help.

This curved pillow may become quite useful at the moment you need to breastfeed twins. Or even as your toddler starts to grow up. There are some amazing designs you can keep around in case of need. With a feeding pillow, even grandma will be able to feed her grandson without any complications. It will save your arms when things get difficult thanks to the lack of sleep and time for yourself.

When buying a feeding pillow, you will want to consider some things, here are a few tips for you.

Make sure is the perfect fit for your baby and yourself

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Take advantage of your local store. I am pretty sure they will be a lot of pillow samples you can try out to see if they fit. Women, in general, are beautiful and come in a lot of shapes and sizes. Based on your waist size, try on different pillows and find which one is the most comfortable for both of you.

Also, make sure your new pillow will stay in place and will not move around as you feed your baby. The best way to try out a new feeding pillow is with a prop, like a baby doll. Is simple to do it. Grab a chair and test it out. See if the pillow you choose feels

comfortable, and how it feels when you grab the baby doll. Rest your arms safely in them. In the beginning, you will feel weird, is normal. You will get used to it. How does the pillow feel? If it is too wobbly or too tight, try a new one.

How are the firmness and shape?

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Keeping the baby doll prop on hand, let’s try a new thing with it, shall we?

You already have a feeding pillow placed on your chair, and how does the doll feel? Is it in the perfect position to breastfeed?

Remember this, a newborn need to lie in the proper position. His or her neck needs to be straight and facing your breast. Do you feel like your baby is too tight? Or is it sinking too low? Then that is not the right pillow for you. Or for your baby.

Some of the most experienced moms will prefer to use more curved pillows. As they will be easier to maneuver and place on the chair. The most firmer ones are better for babies who are troubled by keeping their neck straight, and it will give you more confidence to the mother. You can find flat feeding pillows as well.

It completely up to you and your body shape to choose the perfect fit.

Choosing between a or a belt strap

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Your life as a new mom needs to be amazing and full of excitement. And also tiredness and sleepless nights. You will found yourself feeding your baby around 9 to 13 times a day. So what about extra comfort? Amazing idea! You should be able to get up, go to the bathroom, and still be feeding your baby.

You don’t want to get up and see the pillow fall to the ground, potentially hurting your baby or yourself. Or on the contrary, you want to be able to unhook your pillow easily without any additional restriction.

Choosing between feeding pillows that have straps or a belt will define how you live your life in the next months. Choose the best option for you accordingly to your needs and your baby’s needs.

Additional special features you can find

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Not only will find feeding pillows useful and safe for your baby (and your back). They come also with a lot of useful features you can apply to. If you got double the fun and had twins, there is a lot of pillows you can find. Designed properly to feed one baby and keep the other safe in your arms, or even feed them both at the same time. There is also a super useful semi-upright feeding pillow, this one will be helpful for your baby reflux.

And what if you need to travel? Well, a feeding travel pillow is also available for you! You will even be able to store it in a useful portable bag.

A feeding pillow can be used as a body pillow and a lot more varieties you can find out online and check these best feeding pillows at RevExpo.com.

Cleaning time

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Here you have a crucial point, cleaning is one of the most important parts of owning a feeding pillow. Make sure the feeding pillow you choose, no matter which one is the design and pattern, comes with a detachable fabric cover. You can just throw it onto the washing machine and keep everything fresh for your baby.

To make sure you are purchasing the best feeding pillow, consider this as well:

  • Make sure the fabric is safe for toddlers
  • be sure is comfortable for you and your baby
  • A detachable fabric cover is a must
  • Color and design is important as well
  • Keep one or two around for your family members

A feeding pillow is a gadget you just have to make your life easier. Your baby will be feed safely, and you will be making sure your back and arms stay healthy through all this process. Go online or to your local store and find the best one for you.


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